Predator 22 hp Belt Reduction and Propeller


The ultimate combo for your Harbor Freight Predator 22 engine, this package includes our belt reduction and a matched propeller. This package contains everything you need to power your mini airboat or jon boat conversion project.

For installation on jon boats or bowfishing boats, check out our selection guide.

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This is our belt reduction drive designed specifically for the Predator 22 hp engine from Harbor Freight. It utilizes a banded V-belt, which is very easy to setup and use. It’s available in 1.68 and 1.9 reduction ratios, and paired with our 52″ or 59″ propellers, generates between 140 and 160 lbs of static thrust. This is a perfect low cost way to power a mini airboat or an air drive upgrade on an existing jon boat.

This drive includes a built-in belt tensioner, giving you a precise way to adjust belt tension. This reduction drive is designed to be on the water, with all aluminum and stainless steel parts and mounting hardware.

See this drive and propeller in action on our Rascal mini airboat in Sour Lake, Texas. This particular boat has a custom setup with a 56″ 3 blade propeller. Free plans for this mini airboat are available for download here.

We use the same air drive on one of our small hovercraft:

Additional information

Reduction Ratio

1.68:1 (Standard), 1.90:1


3 blade 50" Ultra Prop 1, 3 blade 52" Ultra Prop 1, 3 blade 54" Ultra Prop 1, 3 blade 56" Ultra Prop 1, 3 blade 59" Ultra Prop 1 (Standard), 3 blade Ultra Prop 1 other diameter (call/email to specify), 4 blade 46" Ultra Prop 1 (+$75), 4 blade 48" Ultra Prop 1 (+$75), 4 blade 50" Ultra Prop 1 (+$75), 4 blade Ultra Prop 1 other diameter (+$75, call/email to specify)