Powerfin Propeller


Top of the line molded carbon fiber propeller for the most demanding applications. Quiet, smooth running, and with continuously-adjustable pitch. Powerfins are a workhorse for bowfishing pusher fans.

3 or 4 blade Powerfins in the 48″-54″ range paired with our standard 1.68:1 reduction drives are perfect for bowfishing pusher fans. Contact us with your boat size and engine horsepower for a detailed recommendation!

Note: these propellers are made to order and usually take 4-6 weeks to ship.

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Propeller hubs use the common Rotax pattern (6 bolts (5/16″ or M8 bolts) on a 75 mm circle.

*Note: all PUSHER FAN setups using Kohler, Briggs, Honda, Predator, or similar engines use a left-hand propeller. Otherwise, to determine whether you need left-hand or right-hand blades, imagine sitting DOWNWIND of the propeller (i.e. behind the craft for a pusher installation, or in the cockpit for a tractor installation). If the propeller will be turning COUNTERCLOCKWISE, this is a LEFT-HAND propeller. If the propeller will be turning CLOCKWISE, this is a RIGHT-HAND propeller.

Remember that gearboxes reverse the propeller rotation direction and belt reduction drives do not.

Additional information

Number of Blades

2 ($837), 3 ($1126), 4 ($1421)

Diameter (inches)

48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 65

Rotation Direction*

Left-hand, Right-hand