UPDATE: Due to rapidly increasing material and labor costs, we are not currently producing the Bandit 44 airdrive kit. We will reevaluate if market conditions change.

The Bandit 54 is our biggest, baddest airdrive, featuring a Briggs 37 hp EFI engine turning a 54" propeller for maximum thrust. Perfect for mid-sized jon boats in the 1448-1648 range. It's designed to push 2 people plus ample gear or 3 people with light gear. Cruise through shallow water with submerged debris and vegetation with no moving parts in the water! We're now building simple pusher fan packages that are ready to bolt onto any small jon boat. Cruise through shallow water with submerged debris and vegetation with no moving parts in the water! The original model is the Bandit 44, which is perfect for 1436, 1440, and similar jon boats.
pusher fan
Bandit 44 Specifications
Boats 1236, 1240, 1436, 1440, or similar jon boats
Engine Kohler 26.5 hp EFI
Propeller 44" diameter 4 blade
Speed 15-25 mph (depending on payload)
Weight 195 lbs
Fuel burn 1 gallon per hour
Bandit 44 Pricing
1. Drive only (use your own engine*) $3500
2. Kohler 26.5 hp EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) $5500

Bandit Airdrive features:
1. Welded steel construction
2. Low-mounted engine maintains boat stability
3. Durable powder coat finish
4. Installs using 4 simple brackets on the transom and rear bench seat of most boats
5. 4 point mounting system with vibration dampeners result in smooth ride
6. NO moving parts in the water to hit submerged debris or get tangled in weeds
7. Can use most engines in the 20-28 hp range including Kohler, Honda, Briggs, Predator, and more
8. Running gear is all stainless steel and aluminum for superior corrosion resistance
9. High performance propeller used on hovercraft and small aircraft

For more details, call us at 817-944-1957 or send us an email!

The Bandit 44 airdrive has to ship by LTL freight. Crate plus freight is typically between $300-$350 depending on your location. If you can have the airdrive shipped to a business address or freight terminal, this will reduce the shipping cost (Residential delivery with a lift gate adds cost). Also, if you are within driving distance of Katy, Texas, feel free to pick up your airdrive in person.

See the Bandit Airdrive in action on a 1436 jon boat:

Standard airdrive packages include:
Engine, engine mount, propeller guard, jon boat adapter brackets, shock absorbing mounts, belt reduction drive, 4 blade propeller, rudder, airboat-style control joystick, throttle lever, steering cable, throttle cable, digital tachometer, lanyard kill switch and wiring harness. Just add a fuel tank and starter battery!

Bandit airdrive pusher fan