UPDATE: We've resumed production on the Bandit 38, expecting the first new units to be ready to ship the first week of July. Pricing is $2500 for the complete kit including everything except the engine (engine mount and frame, propeller, rudders, controls, all mounting hardware). We are now accepting orders for the new Bandit 38's. Please contact us for a freight quote to your zip code.

We designed the Bandit 38 to be a simple direct drive pusher fan setup for small jon boats such as 1240, 1440, and similar sizes. The Bandit 38 is simple, lightweight, and packs a punch for its small size. It's designed for the Predator 13 hp or Honda GX390, but can handle bigger engines up to 25 hp on some boats. Great for locations with submerged debris and vegetation. The airdrive also does not kick up mud in shallow water. The Bandit 38 will get you into some sweet spots!

pusher fan

Bandit 38 Specifications
Boats 1240, 1440, or similar jon boats
Engines Predator 13 hp, Honda GX390, Duromax 16 hp, Predator 22 hp, etc.
Propeller 38" diameter 3 blade
Speed 10-25 mph (depending on engine and payload)
Weight 130-150 lbs (depending on engine selection)
Fuel burn 1-2 gallons per hour
Bandit 38 Pricing
1. Drive only (use your own engine*) $2500
We have a limited number of partial Bandit 38 kits available for immediate sale.

We recently updated the design of the rudders and steering linkage and these cages are not compatible with the new design. But these cages would make a great opportunity for a DIYer to get an airdrive at a discount. Partial Bandit 38 kit includes unpainted frame and guard cage, installation brackets and hardware, and 3 blade 38" Ultra Prop. Other accessories such as throttle lever and cable, digital tachometer, kill switch, etc. available if needed. Price is $1450. Pickup in Katy, Texas or can be shipped via LTL freight. Note: because these kits are sold as is at a deep discount, only limited support is available. You will need to prep and paint the frame, and build rudders and steering control. Please contact us if you're interested!

Bandit 38

Bandit Airdrive features:
1. Welded steel construction
2. Direct drive propeller for simplicity and low cost
3. Durable powder coat finish
4. Installs using 4 simple brackets on the transom and rear bench seat of most boats
5. NO moving parts in the water to hit submerged debris or get tangled in weeds
6. Can use most engines in the 13-25 hp range* including Honda, Briggs, Predator, Duromax, and more
7. High performance propeller used on hovercraft and small aircraft

*A note on engine selection: because the Bandit 38 uses a direct drive propeller, the engine is higher in the boat than airdrives that use a belt reduction drive, resulting in a higher center of gravity. We have done extensive testing and found the stability in 36″ bottom width boats to be decent using engines up to 80 lbs (Predator 13 hp, Honda GX390, etc). Heavier engines also run well, but have substantially reduced stability so you should be careful about how the boat is loaded and what conditions you operate in (calm, shallow water only). Slightly wider boats such as 1240’s are ideal when using heavier engines. If you have questions about a specific boat/engine combination, ask us!

For more details, call us at 817-944-1957 or send us an email!

The Bandit 38 airdrive has to ship by LTL freight. Crate plus freight is typically around $300 depending on your location. If you can have the airdrive shipped to a business address or freight terminal, this will reduce the shipping cost (Residential delivery with a lift gate adds cost). Also, if you are within driving distance of Katy, Texas, feel free to come say Howdy and pick up your airdrive in person!

See the Bandit 38 Airdrive in action on a 1436 jon boat. This video shows the Bandit 38 with the Harbor Freight Predator 13 hp engine. This version can plane one preson and get to about 15 mph.

If you feel the need for speed, check out the Bandit 38 with Subaru 25 hp engine. This one goes about 25 mph.