In 2012 we began designing and building rugged belt reduction drives for hovercraft and small airboats. Our drives are built mainly of aluminum and stainless steel and are designed specifically to be used on the water, and are now operating all over the world in hundreds of airboats, hovercraft, bowfishing boats, and more.

For sportsmen who want to get on the water fast, we now offer the complete Bandit line of airdrives. Airdrives, also called pusher fans, can be fitted on jon boats for accessing shallow water, vegetation-clogged waterways, and snow and ice. They’re also often used on bowfishing and flounder boats to push through shallow water.

Ben_pic2 Benjamin King obtained his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied the fluid dynamics of waves and boundary layers. He’s been an avid hovercraft builder for over 15 years, constructing hovercraft ranging from an 18cc 2-cycle powered model to an 18 ft Geo-powered cruiser. Dr. King started Lone Star Hovercraft to develop simple, rugged hovercraft designs as plans, kits, or complete turn-key hovercraft. He prioritizes simple construction to build affordable but high-performing hovercraft.
Ben_pic2 Tom King is an experienced design and manufacturing engineer who brings many years of engineering experience to the unique challenges found in hovercraft design and fabrication. He supplies electronic and mechanical design support, and is responsible for design and fabrication of key hovercraft parts and subassemblies utilizing 3D printing and various CNC machining. Tom enjoys the challenge of combining the finest craftsmanship with the latest advances in modern technology and materials.